Friday Summa 3, December 12

1. This was a week of turmoil and grief.  In Greece we have tolerated state and police brutality for too long and now it is back-firing. The December riots were nicely presented in this Guardian piece. We will remember Alex and the best part of the country will try to have the events mark a societal turning-point.
2. Feeling pissed off with all the above I had my healthy diet of Rage Against the Machine and System of a Down. I had Revenga and Toxicity looped on my playlist.
3. The recursive transpositions of Philip Glass in Akhnaten: Funeral of Amenhotep III somehow felt like the perfect soundtrack for the days.
He flies who flies
This king flies away from you
Ye mortals
He is not of the earth
He is of the sky
He flaps his wings like a zeret bird
He goes to the sky
He goes to the sky
On the wind
On the wind

4. Finished reading "Outliers" by Malcom Gladwell.  I had mixed feeling initially because of the preconditioning from the flood of reviews (some trashing it) and promo talks that preceded it but in the end it is not bad.  Just don't expect anything original.  It makes a decent airplane read or in my case an audiobook for my hour-long runs. The last chapter is a more personal account about the story of his (black) mother getting to UCL from poor rural upbringings in Jamaica and meeting his (white) Math professor father.  This is the most interesting read of the book.
5. In case someone is still uncertain about why non-cellulosic biofuels are a dead-end, here is another review "19 Hurdles for Large-Scale Biofuel Use"

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