Friday Summa 1, November 28

Summa comes from latin, means "the whole" and it is meant to be my weekly note-keeping diary of songs, films, books, articles, tweets and the kitchen sink of all I have come across that made it past my attention threshold over the past week. I am shamelessly copying the idea from the excellent "Friday Random " of the extraordinary gentleman of Good-Math-Bad-Math Mark Chu-Carroll. I hope he does mind ;-)
1. Daniele Sepe: I have reaffirmed how much I like the crazy ethnic jazz variations of .
2. Watched the Brasilian film "Elite Squad" and I liked it. Think of a SWAT team action movie but with more flair. The starting song "Rap das Arma", a brasilian gangsta rap about guns and the favela, is also very nice, in samba style!
3. Finished reading "The Post-American World" by Fareed Zakaria. Nice, easy read on geopolitics.
4. I was mesmerized by the cover of "Venus in furs" in a live of Mandrugada. Strike, dear mistress, and cure his heart...

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