Semantic web, is this really useful

I wrote a short essay, more like a proposal for a data acquisition project that involves getting measurements from remote stations and collecting, verifying and presenting the values in a web site. The data are air quality related and typically consist of particulate matter, ozone, nitrogen and sulfur oxides, air temperature and other meteo data.
database server gets the environmental information and we must develop the tools to process and present the information. Doing some googling we found some companies specializing in environmental information processing but the cost is high. Pollution from power plants is our concern. We need to monitor how their emissions impact on the health of people in the region of interest. Of all pollutants the most visible are the particulates emitted from the coal burners and also from the lignite handling.

Now assessing the usefulness of zemified to the above I have mixed feelings. Most links come from wikepedia, which is understandable but for me there is nothing new or interesting from the suggestions. I will keep trying to get a better idea because i find the idea of semantic web very intriguing indeed.

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